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The Story

The year is 2014...

Life as I knew it was a puzzle waiting to be solved.

I had this wild and uncommon dream: to sell stuff online and enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere.

Unsure of where to begin, I was investing every penny I had into Kindle books and digital classes about setting up an online store.

I was spending every spare minute I had immersing myself in information. Podcasts, Youtube channels, anything I could find. No days off, no weekends wasted.

I was really excited about everything I was learning and was eager to share it with others.

But no one seemed to care or even bothered to listen. I was a lone ranger, misunderstood in my quest (if you know, you know).

Fueled by a touch of anger, my determination only grew stronger. There was no turning back. I had to make this work. It was a case of do or die - I was burning my bridges.

Armed with every Amazon guidebook I could find, I took the plunge and ordered my first product from China - two large boxes of compression calf sleeves. Intriguing, right? Off they went to Amazon's warehouse.

I can still recall the emotion of that first sale, less than half an hour after my listing went live. Pure ecstasy!

I was shocked, confused and happy. Also did a victory lap around the block. I'd done it! I'd sold something online and proved the naysayers wrong (take that, skeptics!).

But as time went on, reality hit me hard. Sales were up and down. It felt like making a steady income online was just a distant dream, almost impossible to reach. 

But then, a flicker of hope...Shopify dropshipping. It was a game-changer - selling stuff without even having to touch it. A few months in and boom. Five-figure days! I was on cloud nine, thinking I’d cracked the code.

But boy, was I wrong. Payment gateway issues crashed the party, putting all my funds on hold (if you know, you know). I had suppliers to pay, orders to fulfill, and suddenly, no money to do it.

I was terrified. I'd lost weight. Locked myself at home for weeks. I had to shut down operations. The dream was fading away.

But you know what? I had learned a valuable skill... the art of running profitable ads. So, I thought, why not use this skill to help other businesses? And that's what I did!

I started running ads for clients, worked with agencies, and even contracted for some big-shot brands. I became good at managing large ad budgets and scaling Shopify stores. And my clients were raking in millions in revenue.

I was back in the game. My 22-year-old self would be proud. I can finally relax a little.

After years of sharpening my skills helping e-commerce brands globally, I felt the call to create something bigger. Something that could positively impact more businesses.

So, I took the next logical step - founded my own performance marketing agency (Ecom Foxes), focused on rapidly scaling e-commerce brands (and digital products) through paid media and email marketing.

Backed by an incredible team, we've tackled tons of projects, delivering results that made our clients' eyes sparkle with satisfaction. And guess what? We're still at it. 

But here's the thing, my friends. Now that I've pretty much set my agency on autopilot, I've figured out what I'm best at: helping other business owners unlock their brand's full potential (and change their lives).

Acting as a co-pilot for their business, identifying roadblocks, guiding them through challenges that I've previously managed to overcome. 

Saving them years of aimless exploration, fast-tracking their success with tried and tested frameworks.

There's a certain joy in knowing that I can play a pivotal role in someone else's success story.

And that's what I'm here for—to help you write your own tale of success in the e-commerce world.

Let's make it a story worth telling!